CONNECT 2017: Secure by Design: Scaling Security Across the Enterprise

By 2020, Gartner predicts 60% of digital businesses will suffer major service failures due to the inability of the IT security team to manage digital risk in new technology and use cases. As security failures quickly become headline news, CIOs and CISOs are under tremendous pressure to keep the business secure -- without slowing the business down. That's why incorporating security by design into applications and services is so crucial for the enterprise. In this session, we will discuss how applications networks are helping organizations federate security best practices, leverage machine learning to more proactively respond to threats and deliver defense in depth.

Presented By: Aaron Landgraf, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, MuleSoft; Nial Darbey, Principal Solutions Consultant, MuleSoft & Kevin Paige, Head of Information Security and Compliance, MuleSoft